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Why are there free online competitions?

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

It’s nice to get stuff for free isn’t it? There aren’t many people or business that give stuff away completely free is there?

No one could afford to give stuff away for nothing everyday, there is a lot of competitions online though. Entering free competitions can be great fun and a good way to get truly free stuff. But why do websites have these completely free to enter competitions and give away big prizes, there are competitions to win money, cars, holidays even houses can be won completely free online.

Why would business just give stuff away in competitions?

I think probably every business holds some kind of free competition or contest once in a while, just look at our facebook page, we have all kinds of companies that use it to list their free competitions. Why do they do it?

  • I think there is many reasons a business or website would want to have a competition and give away a prize, below are a few:
  • To thank customers – A competition can be a fun and effective way to thank people for being your customer.
  • To build customer engagement – Businesses can use a contest to get customers interacting with them online.
  • To build brand awareness – If you have a competition people will talk and tell their friends, imagine the winner of a brand new car or house. Their friends will ask them where they got the money won’t they?
  • To make money – They are companies that have a built a business just giving stuff away in competitions.

How can companies make money giving stuff away online? I will explain in another post, come back again to find the answer. How do you think they do it?

In the meantime why not see if you can win something free?

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